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Modern data communication is becoming more and more powerful. Rapidly increasing data volumes and increasing technical possibilities open up numerous opportunities to provide data for Business operations; where security, stability and flexibility of data connections are determining factors for success. The fulfillment of those factors strongly relies on the communication channel of choice. We at Schildknecht believe in the technical superiority of industrial radio solutions to connect facilities around the world.
The success of the Internet of Things as a global vision, highly depends on the quality of the communication and networking solutions of today. If those solutions don’t live up to the highest possible standards, the positive effect on processes, stability and reliability will only be short-term.
For over 30 years, we have been working on many applications, in automation as well as the equipment of industrial facilities around the world, with industrial radio solutions. In doing so, we always keep stability and security of our implemented solutions in the forefront of our effort.
Noi di Schildknecht crediamo nella superiorità tecnica delle soluzioni radio industriali per collegare strutture in tutto il mondo. Per oltre 30 anni, abbiamo lavorato a diverse applicazioni  con soluzioni radio industriali, sia nell'ambito dell' automazione sia nell'equipaggiamento di impianti industriali in tutto il mondo.
Stabilità e sicurezza delle nostre soluzioni implementate sono sempre messe in prima linea per Schildknecht. 
I prodotti Schildknecht saranno esposti presso lo stand TELESTAR: Pad. 5  stand A026

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