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Via Dell'Industria, 18

20032Cormano (MI)


Telephone+39 02 6630881

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About us

Tierre Group is a company made of qualified people, who
are motivated by the desire to give stability to the company
and to the sector and who are committed to reaching new
and better performances, to tracing new perspectives.
Tierre Group believes in quality investments, in global consulting for its partners, in useful and long-lasting collaboration relationships with its suppliers.
For this reason it invested in the realizations of a modern building and in a well-advanced logistics, in the research and development of new applications of its planning proficiency, in the strategic agreement with international companies for
the supply of superior quality products.
Tierre Group isn’t just a simple specialized to supplier. Tierre Group offers its customers and commercial partners the widest and most complete range of high quality products, quick deliveries thanks to its excellent logistics, continuous
assistance and ability to plan and develop high performance solutions designed for specific needs. Tierre Group believes in the continuous dialogue with customers and suppliers, because best ideas come from the reciprocal exchange and from the union of competences.
Tierre is present in the European market, especially in Northern countries and Central Europe, Spain, Switzerland and it’s partner of big global players. It founds every activity on the most severe Italian and European standards, which
are ruled and certified at an international level.

Product groups

  • 01.05.03 - Chokes
  • 01.05.04 - Solenoids
  • 02 - Mechanical Infrastructure
  • 02.03 - Cables and fibre optic systems
  • 02.03.02 - Fibre optic systems for industrial use
  • 04 - Control technology
  • 04.07 - Advanced controls and Robotics
  • 04.07.02 - Industrial robotics
  • 04.07.05 - Automation systems
  • 07 - Interface technology and power supplies
  • 07.04 - Safety devices and systems
  • 07.04.01 - Compact safety switches
  • 07.04.02 - Modular safety switches
  • 07.04.03 - Accessories and services
  • 09 - Human-machine-interface devices
  • 09.10 - Accessories and services for collaborative robotics

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