SPS Italia si svolgerą regolarmente

L'area di Parma non é stata coinvolta dai recenti eventi meteo che hanno colpito l'Emilia Romagna e la fiera si svolgerą regolarmente. SPS Italia é vicina alle popolazioni colpite.

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HOPE INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS will be in pavilion 3, stand H068 of SPS Italia.
Parma, from 23 to 25 May 2023.

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Hope Industrial manufactures and markets industrial flat panel monitors, touch screens, and related products with superior quality and up-to-date features that are relevant to industrial applications. We house this advanced technology in a variety of rugged enclosures that allow the user to put their displays wherever they are needed in the factory. We assure our customers of high reliability over time and back it up with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. We provide all of these benefits at a price that is significantly less than comparable industrial offerings. And finally, we offer the best sales, support and service in the industry: 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, Five-year Limited Warranty for all standard products, 24-48 hour Repair Turnaround (most models). Standard models are normally in stock and shipped upon order.


Hoeksteen 26F

2132 MSHoofddorp

Paesi Bassi


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Panel Mount Monitors and Touch Screens

Hope Industrial Systems' Panel Mount Industrial Monitors are designed to provide the industrial user with excellent picture quality and rugged design for reliable continuous operation. These monitors are backed by industrial certifications (including 3rd-party environmental testing) and an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Universal Mount Monitors & Touch Screens -Data Sheet

Universal Mount Monitors are extremely versatile and can be mounted to the floor on a pedestal, attached to a wall, column, or post, or even hung from the ceiling: anywhere in the factory a display or touch screen is needed. These monitors are backed by industrial certifications (including 3rd-party environmental testing) and an industry- leading 5-year warranty.

Industrial Workstations - Data Sheet

Hope Industrial Systems' line of Industrial Workstations is designed to provide a low-cost platform that can be used with whatever thin client or PC works best for the industrial user's specific application. These self-contained workstations provide a sealed, clean, and cool operating environment for a user-supplied PC or thin client - even in full wash-down environments. Optional features include touch screens, keyboards, and pedestal or wall mounts.

 Industrial Keyboards -Data Sheet

We offer a variety of enclosures and keypads to suit each user's need. Each keyboard is sealed to IP65/66 standards for wash-down environments and includes our standard industry-leading 5-year warranty.