CFS1000 Current Sensor

High bandwidth current measurement up to 500 kHz

Designed for accurate, coreless and high bandwidth current measurements up to 500 kHz in the range of 10 A to 1000 A: The CFS1000 is designed for the magnetic measurement of DC, AC or pulsed currents. The compact, coreless current sensor offers a high design flexibility with its wide measuring range. Its closed-loop-principle offers a high linearity. The differential field measurement principle, offers a high interference field suppression.
•Galvanic isolation
•Coreless current measurement up to 1000 A
•Compensated differential field measurement (closed-loop-principle)
•High bandwidth current measurement: DC, AC (up to 500 kHz)
•Fast overcurrent detection with tunable threshold
•AEC-Q100 qualified

The measurement range of the current sensor is defined by the current path geometry of an external busbar, which can be implemented directly into the printed circuit board for small currents. As a result, the sensor can be used extremely flexibly for small as well as for large currents.

When designing the busbar for your measuring range, we support you with the free "Interactive Application Note" Calc-U-Bar and further support.
•Primary current IPN up to 1000 A
•Measurement range up to three times IPN (Peak)

The CFS1000 in SMD housing and unipolar 5 V supply voltage is suitable, for example, for measurement tasks in the areas:

•Electrical speed drives (industry, e-mobility)
•Power electronic inverters and converters
•Photovoltaics (micro inverters)
•Switching power supplies
•Uninterruptible power supply

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