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L2+ Ethernet Switch

12-port Gigabit Layer 2+ Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch IES6300-8GT2GS2HS-2P48

The IES6300-8GT2GS2HS-2P48 is a 12-port Gigabit layer 2+ managed industrial Ethernet switch, it has eight Gigabit RJ45 ports, two Gigabit SFP slots and two 2.5G SFP slots. With high performance and enhanced reliability, it enables field engineers to easily connect various bandwidth-demanding devices and expand reliable networks.

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Datasheet of 3onedata's IES6300-8GT2GS2HS-2P48


3/B, Zone 1, Baiwangxin Hi-tech Industrial Park, Songbai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518105, China



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Product Groups: Industrial ethernet

Application sector: Automotive, Transport/Infrastructure (Aerospace/Railway/Naval Industry), Utilities (Energy/Water)

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation