TPL Vision backlights

TPL Vision backlights

The largest flat illumination panels

TPL Vision manufactures various backlight versions, both powerful and diffuse, in various dimensions: from 50x50 to 900x900 or 1900x400mm.

They work in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times: 25 μs and 15 μs. Equipped with very thin borders, they illuminate from the whole useful surface, included from the edges, without any hot spot. They are available in standard, OVERDRIVE and EXPERT/TRINITI versions.

Among the most popular versions:

• the Medium MBACK+ is perfectly adapted to quality control tasks, such as: presence/absence, edge defects, material lack.

• the Collimated Medium CMBACK+ is recommended for the detection of markings or material defects on transparent workpieces (made of glass or plastic).

• the Bn'L turns into a black background when the light is off, which helps other illuminations to work properly in the vision system.

• the Medium Flat MFDOME+ is a diffuse direct illumination, with a hole in the middle to easily insert the camera’s lens.


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