District 4.0

District 4.0: the path to Digital Transformation

Advanced Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics and Mechatronics, Digital & Software: special areas dedicated to the Digital Transformation of the manufacturing industry

In the District 4.0 you can find products and solutions that explain how the adoption of new technologies and digital processes positively impact on the manufacturing industry.

Starting from real history cases, the demos and the solutions showed the potentialities not only of a single product, but of an entire technology. Meanwhile, it was possible to highlight the competences and the skills needed to implement the most innovative solutions.


District 4.0 - Additive Manufacturing (EN) (Primo piano)


District 4.0 - Digital and Software (EN) (Primo piano)


District 4.0 - Automazione Avanzata (EN) (Primo piano)


Robotica a SPS Italia 2018 (en) (Primo piano)


District 4.0 - Competence Academy (EN) (Primo piano)

Project Coordinator

Participation to the District 4.0 area is subjected to the evaluation and approval of Mr. Giambattista Gruosso, Professor at Politecnico di Milano University.

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