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WISE-DeviceOn, power up IoT devices with 24/7 operation management

Launched to Optimize Device Management

As IoT applications continue expanding, device management is now more important than ever.

Advantech DeviceOn software provides an intelligent networking and AI-based detection solution for device monitoring and predictive maintenance that ensures stable operation and convenient management for IoT devices.

DeviceOn gives users a transformational plug-and-play experience. Beginning with onboarding devices, the fast and simple setup helps provide instant intelligent edge connection, data acquisition, and status visualization.

DeviceOn is designed to ensure maximum efficiency for IoT device operations and management.

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Via Roma, 108

20051Cassina De'Pecchi (MI)


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Categoria merceologica: Software industriale

Settore di applicazione: Automotive, Macchine Utensili/Robotica, Packaging

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

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