Smart Pneumatics Monitor

Smart Pneumatics Monitor

The AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) from Emerson provides
reliable and valuable information on the state of wear and energy
efficiency of pneumatic systems to end users. It sends pre-processed
status messages to defined employees and parent IT systems without
detouring to the machine controller. This information reduces the risk of
machine downtime and lowers operating costs effectively.

As a supplementary module for the AES valve electronics, the Smart
Pneumatics Monitor automatically evaluates any received sensor signals
to reliably identify the system status. To monitor the wear of a shock
absorber, SPM breaks down the end switch signals to evaluate the
cushioning sequence. Algorithms written by AVENTICS based on the
company's application experience analyze this data internally and make
the information available. Information is provided either via the
integrated OPC UA interface or via other communication methods, like
MQTT or cloud connectors for various suppliers. In addition defined
people can be informed via email or text messages.

Commissioning SPM requires no knowledge of PLCs at all. On a graphical
interface, users drag and drop the components to be monitored to link
them. On request, the module monitors the current energy consumption
in addition to the degree of wear. Users can take measurements for
optimization early on and thereby meet the requirements set out in the
EU Energy Efficiency Directive.



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