AV valve system

AV valve system

The AVENTICS Advanced Valve series from Emerson combines compact
dimensions and a low weight with comprehensive safety features
according to ISO 13849-1. The valve electronics offer galvanic isolation of
the logic and actuator signal paths. Exhaust modules allow for correction
of the cylinder positions in line with standards without application of
energy, achieving peak reliability on the market with a B10 value of 75

The design principle with diagonally arranged valve spool cuts the AV03's
dimensions down to the size of a business card. Thanks to the use of
high-performance plastics, the valves weigh only half as much as the
market average and are therefore particularly suitable for decentral
installation near the cylinders. The valve system's module structure
includes numerous expansion options for safe switching.

With its galvanically isolated logic voltage (UL) and actuator voltage (UA),
AES fulfills proven safety principles in accordance with ISO 13849-2. It
has two independent signal paths for safety-related tasks and other
control tasks. It is safeguarded against manipulation because it optionally
does not include a switch for configuration. Engineers can combine any
valve to safety- and pressure-zone ratios thereby putting the entire
machine module into a safe state.



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