Modular Ringlight

Modular Ringlight

Gold Medal Winner Automaticon 2019: TPL Vision’s Modular Ringlight

The Modular Ringlight range from TPL Vision is an all-in-one lighting solution which provides superior imaging conditions for Machine Vision and Code Reading systems. The range comes in two sizes with multiple colours and embedded features such as sector control and overdrive strobing functions, enabling innovative inspection techniques including surface effects to be used. Colour selection and sectors can be controlled by the user from the simple keyboard, or using discrete inputs which lock or enable the keyboard as required.

The colours, shapes and embedded features have been carefully selected and optimised to solve any kind of code reading application. The casing of the light incorporates mounting points for reflector attachments so the user can create Dome, Low Angle and Darkfield illumination effects in addition to the powerful Ringlight capabilities. Furthermore, the innovative optical and mechanical design avoids hot points and loss in brightness. Embedding multiple features in this way greatly simplifies the illumination selection process for the user, with just a few part number options to choose from. (Many suppliers have over 40,000 part-numbers in their catalogues which makes selecting the right product difficult and time consuming).

This simplified selection process is appreciated by all users - experts can rapidly validate their designs, beginners can learn by quickly testing various configurations, and end-users enjoy the standardised concept which limits varieties and spares stock-holding in their factories. Additionally, with only a few part number options, price and leadtimes are extremely competitive due to mass-series production.

The Modular Ringlight product range addresses many issues users face when dealing with lighting equipment for Vision and ID applications. There is, quite simply, nothing like this on the market today.


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