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ESA Servo Package Low Power

he new esaware drive low power (EWDL) with the esaware motors (EWML) made the servo-package solution based on the EtherCAT fieldbus designed as an excellent performance/price powered at 230 Vac and rated up to 1 kW.
Available in the 3 sizes of 100W, 400W and 750W nominal power, this family drive allows a decentralized motion control approach, executed by EtherCAT fieldbus or CANOpend DS402.
Inside offers a control algorithm with very fast sampling, advanced speed, torque and position loop controls plus the addition of filters for correct system setting. These ensure fast system response times, high accuracy and efficiency.
The EWDL series also offers features such as anti-vibration, automatic in-line setting, preselectable positioning, stand-alone programs with integrated motion control and more.
The configuration wizard on the ESA Servo Suite tool optimizes inertia detection for accuracy and allows you to quickly set control parameters and minimize commissioning time.
UL certification and STO safety features available on EWDL reduce time and cost, no need additional cabling.

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