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CM007 - Tiny

Effective monitoring Gateway for machine and factory automation

The IoT gateway that brings together the past and the future. The CM007 offers ModbusRTU/TCP, CAN and wireles IO-Link Master connectivity on field level.
Meaning CM007 connects in the same time to an energy meter and as well to any IO-Link Sensor such as pressure, distance, flow....

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The CM007 s used for the communication of machine and system data. Based on its innovative software concept, it is a "plug and play" solution for everyone who does not want to deal with the complex setting up of interfaces on machines, but is looking for a scalable data solution for all cloud-based applications.


Amberger Str. 82

92318 Neumarkt


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Categoria merceologica: Dispositivi industriali IIOT

Settore di applicazione: Elettronica/Elettrotecnica, Macchine agricole e Movimento terra, Chimico e Petrolchimico

Area tematica: Digital & Software

Keyword: #iiot #maintenance #io-link #monitoring #digitalization