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Lower energy usage and cost: IoT Sustainability Solutions for manufacturing

Reduce carbon footprint and energy-related production costs by an average of 10% for more sustainable manufacturing.

-Identify optimum shift parameters
-Minimize energy consumption while maintaining quality
-Improve sustainability efforts

-Identify optimum shift parameters:
Dynamically compare current and historical production runs and show the drivers of energy consumption.

-Minimize energy consumption while maintaining quality
Determine the exact process setpoints to apply by using a set of mathematical optimization solvers.

-Improve sustainability efforts
Reduce carbon footprint and help meet ESG requirements.


Categoria merceologica: Tecnologia di controllo

Settore di applicazione: Macchine Utensili/Robotica, CPG - Beni di consumo, Macchine assemblaggio

Area tematica: Digital & Software

Keyword: #ottimizzazione #consumo #energia #sostenibilità #risparmi