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Proficy Historian for Cloud

Reduce costs and support analytics with the world’s only cloud-native operational historian

roficy Historian for Cloud, a cloud-based industrial data management software:

Allows simple, secure by design, reliable movement of OT data to the cloud, at scale
Is now available in the AWS Marketplace®
Azure Marketplace
Leverages existing IT cloud investments and supports IT data strategies
Easy OT data integration with the enterprise data lake
Enables the full potential of cloud-based analytics for optimization

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Achieve enterprise-scale OT data in the cloud for greater visibility, IoT analytics, and optimization Industrial organizations have moved beyond skepticism about putting their OT data in the cloud. Today, the question is how, not why, as companies seek to unlock the full potential of analytics and leverage IT cloud investments. Proficy Historian for Cloud is the world’s only cloud-native operational data historian.


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Categoria merceologica: Analisi dei Big data

Settore di applicazione: Food&Beverage, CPG - Beni di consumo, Automotive

Area tematica: Digital & Software

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