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FCT640 Modular master controller

Modular, Integrated I/Os, Codesys 3.5

For industrial motion control, CMZ Sistemi Elettronici provides FCT640 programmable plc controller: a new generation, modular, compact and high performing system based on CODESYS 3.5 with integrated I/Os.

FCT640 technological soul is fully conceived and developed by CMZ.

It integrates motion control solutions into a single and compact technological device. The controller is equipped with all the field buses used in industry (EtherCAT, CANopen, ModbusTCP) and integrated modular I/O units, both digital and analog.

The choice of the OPC UA communication protocol is a coming soon implementation, to allow the system to be networked to the outside efficiently and safely by ensuring full connectivity with other devices as a relevant feature for interoperability within Industry 4.0.

The power of the processor, the presence of Ethernet and CAN ports and serial ports, alongside with a total memory capacity of over 1 GB plus an SD-Card, complete FCT640 technological equipment.

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