Esponi a SPS Italia 2024

Diventa protagonista della prossima edizione della Fiera, in programma a Parma, dal 28 al 30 maggio 2024.


How to optimize inspection applications with Deep Learning

Manual inspections are prompt to face multiply challenges throughout the production line. But what if there is a way to easily catch every potential problem?
Cognex Deep Learning technology leverages the power of AI to increase yield, reduce waste, and improve product quality.

During the webinar our expert will present how to operate Deep Learning technology in real case scenario and answer the most important questions:

  • When is it worth to Deep Learning technology
  • Which production line can be improved with Deep Learning inspection
  • How to ensure that my Deep Learning system is working reliably?

Categoria merceologica: Elaborazione industriale di immagine

Settori: Automotive , Packaging , Farmaceutico/Cosmesi/Medicale

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata