The innovative Delta WASP Industrial X line is engineered to ensure maximum performance

for the mechanical manufacturing industry

WASP technology made it possible to configure the printer according to the user's needs.

Particular attention to the mechanical manufacturing industry which is a daily challenge.

Some points that improve the Industrial line:

  • 3D-Print a wide range of parts;
  • Ensure high accuracy and printing speed;
  • Print a wide range of materials with no limits supply;
  • Print at the same time two different materials or the same material with nozzles of two different diameters;
  • Print soft  materials thanks to the multi core configuration with the dedicated extruder;
  • Ensure ease of use and remote press feed control;
  • Recover work already done in case of accidental power failure;
  • Make the machine fitting for any business area with no need to set up a suitable area;
  • Continuous service on the Mechanics guaranteed.

WASP means to create a long lasting relationship between the WASP 3D printers user and us, in order to develop a technological dynamism and a deeper attention to each client’s needs for a continuous improvement.

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