Roboze ARGO 500, produce large parts and custom batches.

The first large-format super polymer 3D printer

Roboze is revolutionizing the industrial manufacturing context with the most precise 3D printing technology, capable to process super polymers and composites to produce high performance parts to be used in extreme conditions.

The super polymers and composite materials available on ARGO 500, are used for applications that are subjected to particularly hard conditions, such as high temperatures, high mechanical loads, or exposure to aggressive chemical agents. 

Moreover, Roboze offers its know-how in the production of custom finished parts, On Demand and Just-In-Time through the Roboze 3D Parts network, that allows worldwide companies to produce parts, while drastically reducing production costs and time, by digitalizing the supply chain.

The Roboze 3D Parts network is the backbone of the Roboze Distributed Manufacturing model, the new vision of local distributed manufacturing, promoted by Roboze, that allows global companies to realize the same part wherever in the world, without any material waste and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, generated by the vehicles used for the transportation of goods.

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