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NAMINO - Compact electronic boards

for your smart e-projects

NAMINO is a product line that integrates a large number of configurable interfaces and power supply modes (even 110-230Vac!) such as to simplify and speed up the creation of any electronic project.

NAMINO electronic boards have performance and reliability typical of the industrial world but with amateur use methods.

Each board has a connector compatible with the main shields on the market and programming takes place using the ecosystem of Arduino/ESP32 tools.

All this in an extremely compact form-factor to the point of allowing it to be inserted in a common 503 wall-mounted box for home automation applications.

This simplifies wiring by 83% and eliminates the annoying "tangles" of wires typical of early applications or prototypes.

Sensors and devices belonging to both the industrial and amateur world can be easily used for the development of new ideas.

The wide range of possible power supplies, even 110-230Vac, allows it to be used in the most challenging applications.

NAMINO therefore allows the use of existing sensors and devices in the industrial market also in the amateur field, facilitating the development of new ideas.

Namino boards have been designed and built directly by Mect: a manufacturer of PLC and products for industrial automation with over 40 years of history.

The device is designed and manufactured in compliance with current legislation for CE marking for devices that can be used in industrial environment with degree of disturbance 2 according to IEC61131-2.

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Categoria merceologica: System integrator

Settori: Building Automation (inclusi ascensori e sistemi elevatori) , Elettronica/Elettrotecnica , Telecomunicazioni/ICT

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

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