Tecnoideal: ACOPOStrak for unprecedented performance in medical disposable industry

The work of Tecnoideal, an Italian company active since 1985, is aimed at supporting people's health, designing and developing technologies to enhance and improve the manufacturing processes of #medical disposables. The innovative 'Plasma line and bag AAM', fully automated, is used to create sets of disposable medical devices. To increase its #flexibility and #productivity, while saving space in the clean room, the intelligent conveyor system ACOPOStrak by B&R was chosen. The key benefits of the enabling technology used are maximum #availability, high-speed transport and positioning, rapid reconfiguration, and high #quality with fault tolerance. This results in simplified movement mechanics, reduced production costs, and more effective maintenance.

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Categoria merceologica: Sistemi di automazione

Settori: Farmaceutico/Cosmesi/Medicale

Area tematica: Robotica & Meccatronica

Keyword: ##flexibility ##medical ##productivity