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ProGlove’s award-winning, wearable barcode scanners empower the human worker to get more done with less effort. Years of research deliver the best-of-breed wireless, wearable technology. The right fit, form and function ensure the edge organizations need to stay ahead of the competition. We take pride in our precision engineering and the benefits it accounts for. Quality results with every scan. Experience the unparalleled ergonomics, ruggedness, accuracy, velocity and mobility!

Nowadays, companies are confronted with constant change. Speed, direct-to-door delivery, multichannel approaches, click to collect and many more are top priorities for businesses and consumers alike. Supply chain, retail and logistics organizations need to deploy smart technologies to address these requirements.

Our wearable technology and software solutions help organizations tap into efficiency potentials they never knew they had. Our technology connects your workforce to the internet of things, drives digitalization across your shop floor, and promotes human-machine collaboration. We augment the human worker to allow for faster barcode scanning, reduce picking errors, and enact worker well-being. In combination with our bottom-up industry analytics solution, we deliver the means to design better processes, faster fulfillment, and more transactions immediately.

Picking, packing, staging, sequencing, returning, and many other warehousing and logistics jobs are so much easier with ProGlove.