A shared look at the future of industrial automation

Digital transition: towards a sustainable, human-centric and resilient production

The Industry 5.0 paradigm puts enabling technologies of not at the service only more competitive and resilient manufacturing, but also a more open, inclusive and environmentally friendly society.

Data value and predictive maintenance

By developing a data culture and equipping themselves with the necessary skills, companies can turn information into business opportunities, improving asset management and maximizing return on investment. Integration between IT and OT domains allows companies to exploit the full potential of digitisation

Sustainability and enabling technologies

Automation and Digital technologies help manufacturing companies face the challenge of sustainability by focusing on Circular Economy as a new business frontier.

New business models

Enabling technologies, careful data, information management enable new business models, including servitization.

Training and skills for automation and digital technology

Digital transformation requires a cultural change in the company.
To get the most out of new technological paradigms, you need to equip yourself with the right skills, through reskilling and upskilling processes, and new professional roles able to analyse data and business processes.