Trend 2022
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Trend 2022

A shared look at the future of industrial automation

Digital strategy, the role of automation and new business models enabled by digital and automation

  • Training
  • Open systems
  • Servitization
  • Digital model of the product and service
  • Digital Twin and Virtual Reality
  • New business models linked to production capacity
  • From technology vendors to plant vendors
  • Flexible production processes and real-time data processing
  • Evolution enabled by Software updates
  • Management of critical data

Sustainability and enabling technologies

  • Circular Economy as a new business frontier
  • New business models enabled by technologies (digital servitization)
  • New perspectives on the whole life cycle (product + service)
  • Life cycle cost reduction
  • Artificial Intelligence to support man
  • Person at the center as a decision maker
  • Technology as an element of inclusion
  • New skills and roles

Value of data and information and predictive maintenance

  • Data quality and integrity
  • Creation of a data culture in companies: enhancement, creation of skills and return on investment
  • From IT to OT: the potential of the IT world applied to the OT
  • Ontology of the Data

Digital Transformation: implementation and measurement of results

  • Augmented reality and machine learning as founding technologies
  • From the cloud to edge computing
  • Reskill and upskill. Advanced analytics as a core competence
  • Digital transformation: towards a cultural change in the company
  • OT-IT communication: the critical issues
  • Cyber security