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Oròbix is an italian tech-company focused on implementing and managing the lifecycle of artificial intelligence solutions, spanning a wide range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing, from gaming to energy.

Founded in Bergamo in 2009, the company currently employs 40 people, and includes a start-up, Orobix LIFE, focused on the healthcare and agrifood sectors. Orobix is partnered with Antares Vision Group, a global leader in inspection systems, track and trace solutions, and smart data management.

For over a decade, Orobix has been integrating artificial intelligence into businesses by implementing systems that unlock the hidden potential within production data. Orobix brings AI closer to production lines and operators, demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI through software solutions tailored to specific industrial needs. These solutions assist technicians in asset management and process control, ensuring high-quality standards and reducing operational costs.

In recent times, Oròbix has specialized in developing impactful and safe Generative AI solutions at enterprise scale, optimizing business processes. With Generative AI, Oròbix enables organizations to achieve more with greater efficiency, resulting in substantial time savings, cost reductions, and improved accuracy. Thanks to his technological expertise and risk management approach – acquired over several years working on the deployment of AI solutions in critical processes – Orobix adeptly navigates the complexities and the risks of Generative AI applications. By meticulously balancing considerations such as confidentiality, ethics, compliance, and bias, Oròbix ensures innovation thrives without compromising on integrity or efficiency.

AI-go - No-code Vision AI platform for manufacturing

Generative AI - Impactful and safe Generative AI applications at enterprise scale

Vision Cam AI-go - The smart camera co-developed with Imago Technologies GmbH, integrating deep learning algorithms for visual inspection tasks, co-developed with IMAGO Technologies GmbH.® - Industrial decision support system.

Op.pla - Industrial production planning and control software.® - Managed services for the deployment, monitoring, compliance and governance of AI in critical processes.


Via Gabriele Camozzi 144

24121Bergamo (BG)


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Job Offers

Oròbix è alla ricerca di un/a IT Project Manager che entrerà a far parte del team Delivery Management. La persona con esperienza nella gestione di progetti software riporterà al Delivery Manager e avrà il compito di coordinare la commessa in stretta collaborazione con i vari dipartimenti aziendali coinvolti e il team di progetto del cliente finale. Si occuperà principalmente delle relazioni con il cliente e i fornitori, del coordinamento delle attività e del coinvolgimento del team tecnico. Sarà responsabile della comunicazione e del raggiungimento degli obiettivi aziendali, nel rispetto dei tempi e del budget, monitorando i KPI relativi al progresso del progetto, sia dal punto di vista economico che funzionale. Collaborerà con gli altri Project Manager e con il Delivery Manager, utilizzando metodologie agili di gestione. Inoltre, coordinerà le attività di una squad tecnica multidisciplinare, stabilendo le priorità in base alle esigenze aziendali e contribuendo al continuo miglioramento del processo di Delivery.
Oròbix is looking for a Software Developer to join our Software Development Team. The Resource we’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment. As a Software Developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and user experience familiarity. The Resource will be responsible for the design, development and deployment of high-quality software solutions, innovative, performing and comply to the technical standards of software development, that leverage AI solutions crafted by our Data Science Team, to solve challenging problems in the industrial and medical domains. The Candidate will focus on bringing to production AI algorithms, while ensuring their robustness and reliability for end-customers. He/She will practice state-of-the-art software development best-practices and principles that will allow to build increasingly complex – and capable – intelligent systems.
Oròbix is looking for a Data Scientist focused on image analysis and with interest in software development. You will join the fast-growing group mainly dedicated to statistics, machine learning and deep learning. We need your curiosity and creativity to select, develop and fit the best algorithms to challenging and real-world problems. As a Data Scientist, you will be expected to design, develop, test. You will work in an international context, in a team of engineers with different skillset, interfacing stakeholders.