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KRAKEN INNOVATIONS will be in pavilion 3, stand B040 of SPS Italia.
Parma, from 28 to 30 May 2024.

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Kraken Innovations GmbH is embedded in Austria's mechanical engineering hub in Graz and has been developing and producing a new, patented coaxial gearbox since 2019.

The novel Kraken gearbox is characterised by its drastically different kinematics compared to existing systems. This transformative design not only reinvents the traditional gearbox but also incorporates state-of-the-art sensor technology. The key advantages of the concept lie in its high precision and rigidity, as well as in its compact design. In addition, it is possible to integrate both the drive and the sensors directly into the gearbox housing to form a complete drive unit.

The sensors are used to calculate the temperature, torque, speed and angular position from the gearbox. By subsequently evaluating these sensor values in real time, the trained learning system will be able to analyse anomalies and events, and perform a service life calculation in order to determine the wear and expected maintenance requirements. The benefits of the solution are therefore optimised maintenance planning, the avoidance of unexpected failures, a longer gearbox service life and ultimately cost savings.

With this highly advanced approach, the goal of Kraken Innovations is to introduce an upgraded and intelligent coaxial gearbox that sets new standards for performance and reliability in demanding industrial applications, e.g. robotics, machine tools, drive technology, wind energy, special machinery, etc.


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