BGE 5510 dPro

First external control electronics on a new platform

With the BGE 5510 dPro, Dunkermotoren continues the roll-out of its new Motor Control Platform. In addition to the successful brushless motors with integrated electronics, it is now also available as a compact control cabinet version. With this version, you can control brushed and brushless motors from the Dunkermotoren portfolio up to a continuous output of ~250 W. In addition to the drive, incremental encoders and a brake can also be connected.
In contrast to the previous external control electronics, the use of an encoder switches the motor from block to vector commutation, which further increases performance. In addition to the traditional CANopen bus interface, Industrial Ethernet-based interfaces such as PROFINET and EtherCAT are also available. With Profi-Drive-Profile 4 (PROFINET) and Distributed Clock (EtherCAT), the BGE 5510 dPro is real-time capable and can be used for many synchronous servo applications. The individual controller interfaces can be connected simply and cost-effectively via commercially available RJ45 network cables.
Matching the hardware, our free Drive Assistant 5 commissioning software is available to the customer. A PLC-like sequence program, which is implemented in the C programming language, can also be loaded onto the controller. This makes it possible to dispense with a higher-level controller.
Future-proof drive technology made by Dunkermotoren.

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3 Benefits of BGE 5510 dPro - Wide range of supported brushed and brushless motors - Easy integration in several ecosystems based on many supported interfaces - All nexofox software products are ready to use


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