Important communication to all our exhibitors

Dear Sirs,
We have been informed that the following companies:

  • Oceane Digital Data,
  • Expo Guide S.C., based in Ave Horacio, 340 – 3, Col Chapultepec Morales, Messico, D.F. 11570, owner of
  • Construct Data Publisher A.S. / Avron S.r.o, based in Suchè Myto 1 811 03, Bratislava, Slovakia, owner of
  • Event Fair, based in Hibokà cesta 7, SK 811 04, Bratislava, Slovakia, owner of
  • International Fairs Directory (Connect Publisher), based in S.C. Apartado Postal no. 39-014 - C.P. Mexico City - Messico
  • International Fairs Directory, based in Araucana 1277, CP 11400 Montevideo – Uruguay

have sent to some of our exhibitors a communication asking for an update of the information in the International Fairs Directory Fair Register, containing, in the small print, the indication that by filling out the enclosed form, a subscription is agreed upon amounting to 1,200 €.
Please be informed that the mentions subjects do not have any connection with Messe Frankfurt and/or are not authorized by us and that the admission to SPS Italia online catalogue is free for all our exhibitors and needs to be agreed upon directly with the organization office.
Therefore we invite to pay the utmost attention to such communications, to always check their origin and authenticity and not to return the relevant form filled out.

Facsimile letter