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L'area di Parma non é stata coinvolta dai recenti eventi meteo che hanno colpito l'Emilia Romagna e la fiera si svolgerą regolarmente. SPS Italia é vicina alle popolazioni colpite.


Motor control solutions for robotic applications

This complete servo drive for BLDC motors is based on the STSPIN32F0A with MCU and gate drivers integrated in a comprehensive System-in-Package solution with embedded current sensing conditioning network and overcurrent protection.

ST provides a rich motor control development environment that is constantly being updated with not only products and boards, but our latest firmware developments and reference material as well.

Discover the latest control techniques implemented in this solution and why a 3-phase brushless DC motor can outperform a stepper motor in high precision motor control applications. The demo video is available in English with Italian subtitles.

ST products:
STSPIN32F0A: Advanced BLDC controller with embedded STM32 MCU
STL7DN6LF3: Dual N-channel automotive-grade STripFET F3 Power MOSFET in PowerFLAT 5x6 double island package
STR485: Low power differential line transceiver for RS485 data transmission


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Product Groups: Motor controllers

Application sector: Electronic/Electrotechnical

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation

Keywords: #motore #controllori #stspin