WebAccess/DMP Gen2

Remote device provisioning, monitoring and management platform

WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 is an advanced Enterprise-Grade platform solution for provisioning, monitoring, managing and configuring Advantech’s routers and IoT gateways. It provides a zero-touch enablement platform for each remote device.

With WebAccess/DMP, secure zero-touch pre-provisioning and pre-configuration is simple, regardless of how large your deployment is: from one device to thousands. The platform supports full multi-tenancy, with the possibility of permissions-enabled power-user oversight across tenancies.

As an established specialist in IoT and M2M solutions, with proven pedigree and capability, Advantech has leveraged a wealth of contextual and environmental knowledge to bring you WebAccess/DMP Generation 2.0. The entire software architecture has been re-imagined and re-built with Security, Performance at Scale, Reliability, Usability, Extensibility and Interoperability at the heart of every decision.

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Product Groups: Industrial software

Application sector: Automotive, Machine Tools/Robotics, Engineering/Iron&Steel Industry

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation

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