ICR-4400, 5G Router

High Speed 4.5G Router & Powerful Edge Computing Gateway

The ICR-4400 is a High-Speed 4.5G Router & Powerful Edge Computing Gateway intended for the EMEA market. This router is an ideal device for wireless communication in mobile networks that make use of LTE Cat.16, HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE, or GPRS technology.

Due to the high speed of data transfer up to 1000 Mbps (download) and up to 150 Mbps (upload) is this router an ideal solution for specialized M2M devices and IoT as well as forthe wireless connection of traffic and security camera systems, individual computers, LAN networks, automatic teller machines (ATM) and other self-service terminals.

The ICR-4400 is designed and manufactured for use in tough environmental conditions. Specifications include a wide operating temperature ranges from -40 to +75 °C. It accepts input voltage ranges from 9 V DC to 48 V DC and is equipped with sleep mode for reducing electrical consumption.


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Product Groups: Wireless communication

Application sector: Automotive, Transport/Infrastructure (Aerospace/Railway/Naval Industry), Telecomunication/ICT

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation

Keywords: #5g #router #wireless