microPLC with Industrial IoT Capabilities

Arduino Opta is a secure, easy-to-use micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities. Designed in partnership with Finder, leading industrial and building automation device manufacturer, it allows professionals to scale up automation projects while taking advantage of the open and widely known Arduino ecosystem.
Thanks to its computing power, Arduino Opta enables a wide range of real-time control, monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.
Quickly put it to work, leveraging the many available software libraries. The onboard secure element ensures over-the-air firmware updates and remote control via the Arduino Cloud or third-party services.

Arduino Opta is available in three variants:
- Opta Lite: onboard Ethernet and USB-C ports
- Opta RS485: onboard Ethernet and USB-C ports, plus RS485 connectivity
- Opta WiFi: onboard Ethernet and USB-C ports, plus RS485 and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy

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Product Groups: Compact control systems (PLCs)

Application sector: Building Automation (including Elevators), Electronic/Electrotechnical, Machine Tools/Robotics

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation

Keywords: #plc #microplc #opta #arduino #industrial-automation