HP Integral

PM Motors with Integrated Drive

High Performance Integral (HPI) is the second generation of our innovative range of fully integrated PM (Permanent Magnet) Synchronous Motors with variable frequency drive (VFD - IE2 efficiency), which guarantees IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency and offers reduced energy consumption thanks to greater energy efficiency.

Key benefits of HP Integral:
• Drive pre-configuration that allows for immediate use after installation– the operating parameters are preloaded without the need for further technical settings
• Advanced electronic control that allows you to configure the drive through HP Drive Tools, a user interface available for PC or mobile app, transferable with dedicated HP Drive Stick (USB)
• Opportunity to optimise performance and adapt to the needs of individual applications by synchronising motor and drive as a single package
• Greater efficiency and shorter payback time thanks to precise speed control and system optimisation
• Built-in drive for an ultra compact design
• Three motor/drive configuration packages - Smart, Flow, Plus - to satisfy both variable and constant torque applications.

- Wide power output 0.55 - 15 kW | 0.75 - 20 HP
- Torque range 2 - 60Nm
- Speed up to 4500 RPM
- Compact range in IEC frames: 71 - 90 - 112
- Three-phase supply 200-230V, 380-480V, 500-600V
- Single-phase supply (only frame size 71) 200-240V
- Same foot print with drive integrated as a similar size AC motor
- Having the drive integrated save electrical panel space and cables

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Product Groups: Synchronous motors

Application sector: Logistics/Handling, Food&Beverage, Machine Tools/Robotics

Topics of interest: Robotic & Mechatronics

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