ION/CME 500 Digital Drive

Stand-alone motion control drive with downloadable user code, internal profile generation, and position control

A programmable version of the standard ION® 500 Digital Drive, the ION/CME 500 allows designers to download and run motion programs directly onto the ION 500 Digital Drive itself. These digital drives are compact, fully enclosed modules that provide high-performance motion control, network connectivity, and power amplification. The power output is rated at 500 Watts. ION/CMEs perform profile generation, PID servo compensation, direct encoder input, stall detection, field-oriented control, digital torque control, and many other motion control functions. Host interface options include Ethernet, CANbus, RS232, and RS485. These flexible and powerful devices are ideal for medical, scientific, semiconductor, robotics, industrial and many other automation applications.

At the core of every ION/CME is a Magellan IC which speaks PMD's common language C-Motion, thereby ensuring compatibility with the entire range of PMD motion control products.

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Product Groups: Drive systems and components

Application sector: Pharma/Cosmetics/Medical, Electronic/Electrotechnical, Machine Tools/Robotics

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation

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