Planetary Gears

Planetary gears are renowned for their high efficiency rating. Compared to other designs of gear heads, their compact design offers a high power-toweight ratio and a high torque transmission rating and requires minimal installation space. These factors make planetary gears the preferred fit in the design of energy efficient drive solutions.
With its modular design concept for planetary gears, IMS Gear combines the benefits of standardization, fast availability of triedand-tested technology and an attractive price-performance ratio even in a volume production context - with outstanding scope for individual customization.

Even the entry-level system, IMS.baseline, offers more than 1,300 possible variants in terms of motor and output end connection options. Prompt delivery assures rapid access to small to medium-sized quantities. For high-volume production applications, IMS.techline is preferred, since it offers well over 10,000 configuration options.

As well as adaptations for the motor and output end, examples being motor pinions, flanges or output components, IMS.techline can offer a broad range of reduction ratios, diameter variants and material combinations involving the use of metal and plastic. These features increase again the individualization to a certain extend by still favourable start of production possibilities.

IMS.SDline constitutes the ultimate option in terms of module-based individualization and optimization. It makes it possible to offer design changes to gear components while at the same time retaining the same tooth profile, explaining why it constitutes the optimum solution for entire fields of application. This applies to all three product lines: Planetary gear solutions based on a modular design concept have much shorter lead times than bespoke or ‘special’ gear heads, meaning that they can get to market much faster.

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Product Groups: Drive systems and components

Application sector: Agricultural Machinery and Digger Industry, Logistics/Handling, Building Automation (including Elevators)

Topics of interest: Robotic & Mechatronics

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