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XL4 Prime OCS – 3.5” Colour Touchscreen

3.5” Colour TFT Touchscreen with I/O, Serial Ports, CANBus and full Ethernet – All in One Product.

The XL4 Prime is in the same ¼ DIN form factor as our extremely popular XLE and XLT. XL4 Prime has a full colour LCD TFT Display with QVGA resolution. XL4 Prime comes fully equipped with 100Mbps Ethernet built into every model. No additional Ethernet add-ons or accessories are needed. The XL4 Prime Ethernet support includes an integrated Web Server, FTP Host, Email, Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, Programming and more.

The XL4 Prime includes both a USB Host port and a USB On-the-go Port – each at USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps). The Host Port allows connection of removable FLASH drives, supporting drives up to 2TB. The On-the-go Port provides the fastest communications interface for Programme Change on Line (Online Change). XL4 Prime I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O.

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Product Groups: Compact control systems (PLCs)

Application sector: Utilities (Energy/Water), Building Automation (including Elevators), Food&Beverage

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation