High-Torque BLDC-motor

Powerful, precise and durable

Precise and cogging torque-free, the new drive technology of this high-torque BLDC motor boasts impressive efficiency despite its small size and weight. With an extremely steady, smooth, and quiet running over a long lifetime, this patented motor technology offers the best of both worlds, combining the advantages of classic DC motors with fully electronic commutation. Its integrated electronic controller, equipped with an encoder, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications with low implementation effort.
Operating on a patented axial flow double-disc rotor principle with continuous commutation, this brushless motor is characterized by its exceptional torque density of 0.5 Nm, high overload capacity, and adjustment dynamics. The fully integrated electronics, perfectly matched to the motor's characteristics, takes over motion control, while a specially developed air anchor principle ensures perfect cogging torque, excellent running smoothness, and fast, accurate fine positioning.

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Product Groups: Drive systems and components

Application sector: Machine Tools/Robotics, Pharma/Cosmetics/Medical, Electronic/Electrotechnical

Topics of interest: Robotic & Mechatronics

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