CAMLogic offers a comprehensive range of rotary level indicators catering to diverse industrial requirements.

The PFG05 series, comprising models like PFG05, PFG05C, PFG05X, PFG05AT, and PFG05ATFV, provides versatile solutions. The PFG05 model, constructed with die-cast aluminum, offers flexibility with process connection or mounting flange options. It can accurately detect materials with densities ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 kg/dm3, facilitated by a variety of paddle choices. Customization options include special lengths and electrical accessories. The PFG05C variant shares similar features in a compact, short shaft design. PFG05X, crafted from stainless steel, excels in detecting food and corrosive materials.

Similarly, the PFG57 series offers compact alternatives such as PFG57, PFG57X, PFG57AT, and PFG57I. These smaller sensors, adaptable with different process connections or flanges, maintain the detection capabilities of the PFG05 series. PFG57I is specialized for plaster applications.

Furthermore, CAMLogic addresses hazardous environments with explosion-proof options like the PFG09 and PFG09Z series.
These sensors, constructed from aluminum or stainless steel, withstand volatile conditions, including gaseous, explosive, or flammable mixtures. PFG09Z variants excel in detecting food products and corrosive materials, while PFG09ZATF offers a specialized condensate drain variant for high-temperature and explosive settings. Across all series, customization features and diverse paddle choices ensure optimal performance tailored to specific industrial needs.


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