Modul-Perfect 70

Modul-Perfect 70

PC7 - Nothing but perfect

The Modul Perfect 70
The perfect light modules of the PC7 are up to 6
times brighter than comparable signal towers; 7
positions ensure maximum flexibility; our new
diffuser films enable 2 different visual appearances;
an even brighter top light module extends
the application spectrum even further; alongside
the perfect LED steady light beacon modules, we
can also provide multi colour, rotating light and
multi function options; the multi-tone module is
now also available as an inline module; the new
multi-tone alarm sounder module guarantees
maximum tone quality and variety; the innovative
MP3/voice output module can play back a
huge range of audio formats and, last but not least,
our patented M12 base enables a cost-effective
M12 connection.

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