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SPS Italia Digital Days inaugurates its Contact Place platform

01 January 2020

More than 400 companies, 2,418 products and solutions, 715 experts, 634 videos on-demand, 161 events and webinars and 73,000 views.

Between 28 and 30 September the online event SPS Italia Digital Days proved a roaring success as participants spent three days engaged in vertical learning about the most compelling industrial questions of the day. Our methods for keeping in touch may have changed, but nothing changes the need for interpersonal meetings, the sharing of experience and the exchange of ideas on questions such as how digital innovation has affected and continues to affect the stability of companies, and the impact it will have on the Italian economy going forward.

Not only was the event an opportunity to renew acquaintance, but it also marked the inauguration of the SPS Italia Contact Place, a digital platform designed to allow its users to remain in touch with other operators and experts in their sector and discover the potential of new technologies for the industry. The Contact Place platform also serves as a means of making the most of, and, in the near future, optimizing the benefits of the physical trade fair. Products, solutions, events, videos on-demand, job advertisements, the contact names of experts in technology or in a particular industrial sector: these are just some of the items of information garnered from the 400-plus company profiles that have already been filled out and made available, free of charge, to users of the platform.

The great achievement of this debut was that it succeeded in creating a community of users who, going forward, will be able to exchange ideas with one another through presentations and digital events designed to encourage the sharing of solutions and technological innovations that are beneficial for the industry.

The industry restarts: using digital technology and automation to achieve resilience and competitiveness

The round-table discussion that opened the SPS Italia Digital Days event brought together some high-level names to talk about the impact that digital innovation is having on the currently parlous state of the national economy. Moderated by Andrea Cabrini, Director of Class CNBC, the participants were: Donald Wich, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Italia; Fabrizio Scovenna, President of ANIE Automazione; Alessia Morani, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development; Marco Taisch, University Professor at Politecnico di Milano and  President of MADE Competence Center; Josef Nierling, CEO of Porsche Consulting; and Michele Poggipolini, Executive Director of Poggipolini.

The consensus opinion to emerge from the discussion was that the industry cannot afford to stand idly by, but must embrace digitization and the Industry 4.0 business concept, and invest more in research and innovation, as well as in those sectors driving change. The right response will enable the industry to maintain or even enhance its own and Italy’s competitiveness in digital technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain applications and, more generally, in all the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.

In light of the epochal change we are going through, it is also essential for the industry to enhance specialist and managerial skills. This last point was made by Undersecretary Morani in the course of a speech that underscored the importance of training and the absolutely pre-eminent importance of “human capital”, which is a prerequisite for the country’s digital development, for which reason, she argued, urgent investment needs to be made in training Italian companies in Industry 4.0 skills.

Watch the discussion here

The shape of the future. Additive technology to shape the industry of tomorrow.

The second day opened with a round-table discussion about additive manufacturing technologies. The discussion considered the potential of additive manufacturing to enable the complete digitalization of the manufacturing process, which would thus become both more sustainable and increasingly capable of product customization. The discussion touched on materials, target sectors, trends, problems and new challenges, including those posed by the months-long health emergency, which has served as a reminder of the importance of the technologies and of their multiple uses and applications.

Watch the discussion here

The new opportunities of industrial digitization

Experts from ANIE Automazione illustrated the benefits of industrial digitization. The current situation is challenging, but it has allowed Italian companies to experience first-hand the potential of digital transformation, which in recent months has proved essential for business continuity and market competitiveness.

The industrial fabric of Italy consists of a patchwork of small and medium-sized companies that now need to adopt a new mindset, make major infrastructural adjustments in favour of greater connectivity, and invest more in R&D and training. Industrial software, which lies at the heart of industrial digitalization, has enhanced the ability of companies to respond swiftly and flexibly to changes in demand, which means that their systems of production, now more than ever, must be smart, reconfigurable and resilient. 

Watch the discussion here

Competence Centers discuss European innovation network 4.0

ARTES 4.0, Bi-Rex, CIM4.0, Cyber 4.0, MADE, SMACT and START 4.0: these Italian Competence Centers gathered together for the round-table discussion on the third day of SPS Italia Digital Days. They looked at results achieved, practical examples, prospects and future challenges, and discussed the development of an innovation network and the competitiveness of Italy as it advances towards a more European dimension for its industries.

The Competence Centers are locally based poles of excellence that were set up two years ago to promote industrial development and technology transfer. They are now ready to broaden their horizons beyond national borders by, as mandated by the Ministry of Economic Development, taking the lead in aggregating companies into sectoral entities, or hubs under the meaning of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EuDIH) programme, and then competing as such in European Union tenders issued in connection with the Digital Europe Programme.

Watch the discussion here

Science seminars

SPS Italia has always promoted technological training by organizing very popular and well attended science seminars during the three days of the trade fair. This year, the science seminars took place online under the aegis of the SPS Italia Digital Days. The webinars focused on: digital and smart manufacturing, connectivity for digital transformation and mechatronics; robotics and collaborative systems, sensors and vision systems; networks and fieldbuses, and tools for analysing and enhancing the efficiency of digital transformation.

Watch here:

Testimonials from the community

“Digital systems need to be capable of solving current business needs, but, even more importantly, they must be capable of adapting to the ever-increasing complexity of the market, and thus responding swiftly to the new demands that will arise in the future,” declared Eugenio Alessandria, Digital Transformation Divisional Manager of Ferrero.

“Contact Place brings together members of a community of experts and entities that are ahead of the curve in adopting pioneering technologies in the fields of Automation, Software and Robotics, and has evolved as the natural digital successor to the old way of establishing contacts with companies and learning about their new products and solutions,” declared Oronzo Lucia – Automation & Control and Design Services Manager of Fameccanica.

“The success of this digital edition of SPS demonstrates how, despite the difficulties of the current period, the themes of industrial automation and the transition to Industry 4.0 continue to attract considerable interest as being crucial for our economic recovery. The webinar formula worked, so we are hoping to achieve a similar success at the next ANIE Automazione events, namely the Mechatronics Forum and the Smart Vision Forum, which we shall organize in partnership with Messe Frankfurt Italia using the same platform. Even when we return to meeting physically without restrictions in the future, we shall be sure to continue using this method of digital communication as it enables us to create more content-rich events and reach a wider audience,” declared Fabrizio Scovenna, President of ANIE Automazione.

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