Precision Planetary Gearbox

Spur Gear Series & Helical Gear Series

LS ELECTRIC Precision Planetary Gearbox That Maximizes Torque Optimized Automation Solution Assurance!

LS ELECTRIC planetary gearbox is a device that transfers increased torque to the application by decreasing motor speed. LS ELECTRIC thrives to provide total solution in the industrial automation market by having a wide range of products with high performance and promised quality, including motion controllers to servo drives, motor.

High Performance by LS ELECTRIC's Strict Quality Process
- Low noise level
- Best-in-class backlash
- High output torque
- High efficiency

Application of Precision Planetary Gearbox series
- Packaging machines
- Machine tool
- Secondary battery
- Semiconductor machines
- FPD/LCD machines

Easy installation with various motors and Manufacturing
- Competitive price
- Short delivery

LS ELECTRIC provides its customers Gearbox Size Manager, where the size manager recommends the appropriate gearbox from the selected motor.


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Product Groups: Gear motors

Application sector: Food&Beverage, Machine Tools/Robotics, Transport/Infrastructure (Aerospace/Railway/Naval Industry)

Topics of interest: Robotic & Mechatronics

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