BB 42 blower with integrated electronic

In addition to the existing BB 42 (with integrated electronics for 230V AC), the MAE team developed a new DC low-voltage controller.
BB 42 high-power blower with integrated controller is designed to be plug and play, with only a DC-supply or a Battery connection required. The blower can be run from min 3 and up to 8 lipo-cells (roughly 9 - 40VDC) with power of up to 150 W within the small package size facilitated by high rotational speed (45krpm), while highly efficient electronic commutation provides class leading total package efficiency. Furthermore, the speed can be set with a simple analog input.
Thanks to the smart design the blower with integrated electronic controller was created within the same package size as the version without controller, and the integrated controller offers blower protection against potential misuse. The electronics has speed output signal capability to provide air-performance related feedback.
Due to the integration of the electronics within the blower housing, the system cost and engineering effort to utilize the blower is minimized. The efficiency of the complete system was optimized during the development phase with MAE engineering which took significant efforts to minimize the sound output level. As a result, the overall system efficiency and vibration level for the BB42 blower is state of the art.

The BL 42 Motor with or without integrated controller
During the development of the BB 42 Blower MAE Engineering discovered that the motor initially designed for air movement applications, running from 3000 rpm to 6000 rpm. These are ideal conditions for pump and basic automatization applications. The motor is designed to mate with planetary gearboxes PLG 30 or PLG 32 and magnetic or optical encoders (e.g. RE 30). Initial customer programs have been sampled with motor/blower versions both with and without controller.

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