NEW | BLDC Planetary gear motor series P042066

Product Announcement of new series P042066

A planetary geared motor combines a compact design with high efficiency. This new BLDC motor with planetary gear, series P042066, promises not only its performance but also a long service life. This BLDC-motor is available in two variants. Both have a gearbox with two ball bearings and reinforced planetary gears that provide high torque and low gear backlash. In the second variant, the first stage of the planetary gear has helical teeth and is made of plastic, which significantly reduces the running noise.

This series can be used in applications that require not only high torques but also high radial forces, such as belt wheel pulley mounted directly on the motor shaft - the bearing of the motor shaft must reliably withstand the tension of the belt over its entire service life. In addition, these BLDC planetary geared motors are used in high-precision applications where low gear backlash is required, e.g. for the positioning drive of laser optics, in mechanical processing centers or order picking systems.

A planetary gear has a special design: several planet gears rotate around the central sun gear and at the same time on the outer ring gear. This design creates a high reduction ratio, which in turn results in high torque output from the motor. Another advantage of a planetary geared motor is its high efficiency. Since the teeth of the gears never lose contact, there is only marginal energy loss due to slip or friction. This allows the motor to operate with greater efficiency than with other types of gearboxes.

Planetary geared motors can be individually customized with additional components such as hall ICs, encoders, special shafts and brakes to optimally support your application.

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