XT Series - DD Motor

New generation of frameless direct drive torque servo motor

High Power Density: The XT series, through innovative coil arrangement technology, has significantly increased the slot fill rate, allowing the motor to achieve industry-leading levels of torque density.
Robust Craftsmanship: Utilizing advanced vacuum epoxy pouring techniques, complemented by a unique cooling structure design. This combination not only significantly enhances the motor's heat dissipation capabilities and insulation level but also greatly strengthens the structural stability of the motor, ensuring reliability during long periods of high-load operation.
Compact Design: The motor features a compact structure with a frameless design that facilitates integration within the A-axis, B-axis, C-axis, adapts to various space-constrained, high-torque demanding application scenarios, and simplifies installation and maintenance.
Standardization & serialization: This series of motors covers a stator outer diameter range from 210mm to 1220mm, with torque ranging from 60 Nm to 50,000 Nm. It is widely applicable to high-performance requirements in the machine tool industry, such as five-axis machine tools, direct-drive cradle rotary tables, and direct-drive swing heads, providing robust power support for modern industrial manufacturing.


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Product Groups: Standard motors

Application sector: Agricultural Machinery and Digger Industry, Machine Tools/Robotics, Building Automation (including Elevators)

Topics of interest: Advanced Automation