icotek grommet with staged membrane rings

icotek presents its new cable grommet KT-SC with peelable membrane rings. The new cable grommet KT-SC has removable rings with graduated sealing areas.
The new grommet KT-SC is based on the grommet size "KT large" from icotek. It enables the routing and sealing of cables and hoses with diameters from 5 to 28 mm. The single membrane rings can be peeled away according to the diameter of the routed cable or hose. All you have to do is pierce a small hole between the rings. Afterwards the corresponding ring can be removed. The rings are marked with the letters A to F. This marking shows the corresponding diameter of the inserted cable. The KT-SC can be integrated into all divisible cable entry frames (KEL, KEL-U, KEL-ER, KVT and KEL-FG) which accommodate large KT cable grommets.
The KT-SC is made of elastomer, achieves IP54 class and is suitable for a temperature range between - 40 ° C to + 100 ° C. The cable grommet is halogen and silicone free.

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