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Linear Transmission System (LTS)

Precise. Space-saving. Productive.

Time for an alternative: despite the obvious drawbacks, linear axis systems have always had to be supplied via energy chains in the past. The Linear Transmission System from LTN now opens up totally new options for efficient and space-saving system design: in addition to a more economical system saving space and mass, you also profit from significantly shorter positioning times with the LTS – an investment that pays!

The LTS is capable of transmitting power (e.g. 400 V/30 A), signals (e.g. 250 V/5 A) and data (e.g. 100 MB BaseT, for example for EtherCAT® or similar data bus systems) to linear lifting movements of up to 3000 mm.
Every conceivable combination of linear and rotary movements can be realised in this way in conjunction with LTN’s proven slip rings – in your system too.


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