IO-Link Wireless Bridge

TigoBridge A2 and B2 are IO-Link Wireless Class A and Class B Bridges that provide reliable wireless connectivity in harsh industrial environments. TigoBridge is an IP67 device equipped with an external antenna and two robust M12 connectors for data and power.

TigoBridge seamlessly converts a variety of industrial devices to IO-Link Wireless. It is implemented based on the IO-Link Wireless standard for Wireless Bridge devices, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with other devices and systems. It enables the versatility to connect to multiple sensor, actuator and device types:

- IO-Link sensor/actuator
- Up to two digital sensors/actuators simultaneously (only with TigoBridge A2)
- Analog sensor/actuator with TigoConverter (only with TigoBridge A2)
- IO-Link multiport digital/analog hub

Whether you need to retrofit a machine with wireless connectivity for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance; connect clamps, valves, and sensors wirelessly on robotic systems; or enhance smart transport track and conveying systems with grippers and vacuum pumps onboard fast-moving carriers; the TigoBridge offers a reliable and flexible solution for a variety of industrial applications.

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