Industrial decision support system

Ready-to-production artificial intelligence solution for predictive maintenance, in-line quality control and automatic detection of process drifts.® easily identifies anomalous behaviors in real-time industrial data collected from sensors, PLCs and production processes, to anticipate failures and downtime.


- Increase profitability of the monitored systems: driving and implementing corrective actions as well as providing warning in case of process drifts.

- Improving product and services: identification of unwanted behaviors and their causes that can be avoided with product reviews or allow for an upgrade of one’s service.

- Protect and value the experience: assimilate the ability of experts to interpret data and allows you to use it in an unlimited way.

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Categoria merceologica: Sistemi di gestione degli asset

Settore di applicazione: Macchine Utensili/Robotica

Area tematica: Industrial IT & AI

Keyword: #anomalydetection #assetmanagement #predictivemaintenance #decisionsupportsystem #artificialintelligence