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MVe Monitoring

Continuous data acquisition signals and real time condition monitoring.
Track the real-time health condition and prevent the system failures through artificial intelligence based models.

> Statistical parameters and diagnostic features are real-time monitored
> Trend parameters describe the evolution of the health conditions
> Acceptance thresholds define the time instant of the fault appearance
Green value → healty condition
Red value → faulty condition
> Artificial Intelligence based model to plan predictive maintenance
> Stand-alone version for in-situ measurements or integrated version to communicate with test benches or PLCs.

MechVib Engineering

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Categoria merceologica: Condition monitoring

Settore di applicazione: Automotive, Macchine agricole e Movimento terra, Altro

Area tematica: Industrial IT & AI

Keyword: #condition-monitoring #predictive-maintenance #fault-diagnostics #artificial-intelligence