Type 560

Pressure transmitter for refrigerant applications

The new pressure transmitter Type 560 is based on proven stainless steel sensor technology and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications involving refrigerants and media classified under safety classes A2L and A3.

It is characterized by its hermetically sealed construction, ensuring outstanding performance and safety. This feature makes it particularly suitable for applications where safety in handling flammable refrigerants is of utmost importance. Thanks to its selection of pressure connections, it can be optimally integrated into a wide range of applications. Particularly noteworthy is the variant with the copper soldering tube, allowing direct integration into the piping system of refrigerant applications.

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Categoria merceologica: Sensori di misura di pressione

Settore di applicazione: Building Automation (inclusi ascensori e sistemi elevatori)

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

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