EW Hof

Torque motor

As direct drives, torque motors by EW HOF are replacing the classic combination of asynchronous standard motors and transmissions or conventional hydraulic solutions.
They are multi-pole, permanently excited synchronous motors with high torques and low speeds that are designed to be either water- or air-cooled. We provide you with drive solutions individually adapted to your interface.
Our torque motors ar typically used in plastic and recycling machins, presses, winches, ship propulsions and mobile applications, as well as generators for wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations.

EW Hof

Oberkotzauer Straße 3

95032 Hof An Der Saale


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Categoria merceologica: Motori coppia

Settore di applicazione: Gomma/Plastica, Elettronica/Elettrotecnica, Carta/Cartotecnica

Area tematica: Sustainable Innovation

Keyword: #sustainable #torque #efficiency #dynamic